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Gilbert & Sullivan 
Est. 1973
9th Sept 2016
Registered Charity Number 1164309
Returning to Waterside Arts Centre 2016
The Worshipful Mayor of Trafford
Life Members
Mr R McHale
Mrs E Jackson
Mrs. D. Tyler
Mr P Richmond
Mrs G Burslam
Mrs. H.V. Bailey
Mrs. B. Donnan
Mrs. J. Heaton
Mr. and Mrs. D. Ryan
Mr Brocklehurst
Miss J.M.L. Dufty
Mr. and Mrs. R. Kenrick
Mr. and Mrs. S. Rydz
Mr and Mrs M Brooke
Miss J. Dunn
Mr. P.J. Knowles
Mr. & Mrs. M. Sheppard
Mrs. P. Davenport
Dr. and Mrs. D.B. Ferguson
Miss B.M. Leigh
Mr. A.J. Shear
Mr. and Mrs. R. Donaldson
Mr. N.R. Gosling
Mr. & Mrs. N. Lentin
Mr. J.G. Stevenson
Mr. T.R. Mindham
Mr. & Mrs. R Donaldson
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Sullivan’s memorial in the Embankment Park, London. Click on various parts of the picture to see larger images.
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Gilbert’s memorial  underneath Waterloo Bridge, London. Click on various parts of the picture to see larger images.
IMG_4432.JPG IMG_4431.JPG IMG_4430.JPG

Easy fundraising gives the Society an opportunity to raise funds via any online purchases you make. All you need to do is to click on the link below and download the very useful toolbar. Any time you go to make a purchase it will advise you that a % of the purchase can be donated to the Society by clicking on the link available, It doesn’t add anything to your purchase as the % donated comes from the companies marketing budget at no further cost to the customer. All donations help us to continue to deliver Gilbert and Sullivan operettas. On behalf of the Society thanks once again for your support.

Latest News 9th Sept 2016

Society has been nominated for 5, YES 5 awards at the Act annual awards ceremony at The Cresta court on 19 November 2016

News 30th Jul 2016

So now its on to the Waterside to perform The Mikado between the 20th - 22nd October 2016

TICKETS ARE NOW  ON SALE FROM The Waterside Arts Centre Sale online, in person at the theatre or ring 0161 9112 5616.

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